Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Interview Questions for Information Technology Specialist Web and Application Administrator

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by Amin Huffington

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1. Why are you applying for this position?

2. Describe your knowledge of and hands-on administration experience with Web servers, sites, and applications in an enterprise environment.  Include your responsibilities, accomplishments, size of the environment, applications you’re familiar with, admin tools used, and infrastructure (e.g., backend storage, virtual, multiple networks, etc.).  Are you currently working in this role/environment?

3. Describe your knowledge and level of experience with Web and application server software such as Apache, IIS, JBoss, Tomcat, Lucene, and/or other Web infrastructure and product dissemination software, and how you’ve installed, configured, and maintained these to meet user and mission requirements.

4.  Describe your knowledge and level of experience with the administration of content management systems (CMS).  What are the pros and cons of a CMS as opposed to a flat file system for Web site data?

5. Describe your experience with and level of expertise with the Solaris operating system.   With the Windows operating system.

6. Describe your knowledge and experience in Information Assurance within the Web area, including your responsibilities, certifications, knowledge of policies, etc.  What measures would you take to better secure an out-of-the-box Web server such as Apache?

7. Identify a couple issues and/or problem areas that are frequently encountered when dealing with Web and Application Servers and how you have addressed them (or would).  Describe your experience with and ability to perform system troubleshooting.

8. Describe your experience leading projects, tasks, and/or teams.  Please include the complexity, the size/scope of the projects, tasks, or teams, and your role.

9. Describe your experience with and ability to work with diverse groups of people (technical/non technical), customers, team members, vendors.

10. Describe a Web-related situation where you took the initiative to improve customer service, improve system performance or sustainability, or help ensure a project/task was successful.

11. Describe your knowledge of and hands-on experience with Web site/page design, including use of Web page development tools and Web page design and markup languages such as HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT.

12. Describe your experience supporting a 24x7 environment.  Are you willing to provide on-call/weekend support and support after-hours scheduled maintenance, when needed?

13. What other skill sets, experience, certifications, and/or personal strengths can you bring to this position?

14. Do you have any questions regarding the position, the agency or company, or any other questions?

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