Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Having a Sense of Humor in the Workplace can be a Good Thing.

When a senior programmer ended a meeting by saying, "I think we've both had enough of each other; let's call it a day," my boss thought this was funny and appreciated the comment. A well-timed, harmless one-liner is capable of thawing the atmosphere, and the workplace is no exception.

With mounting stress, it's paramount that our workplace is a happy one. Interestingly, even employers are taking a shine to the humor quotient by seeking candidates with a lighter vein among their other skill sets. When we interview potential candidates we don't overlook the 'soft skills.' A worker with a sense of humor is any day easier to deal with compared to his grumpy counterpart. A worker with a sense of humor can be an asset in any business, as he or she passes on the same vivacity to customers on the other end. Besides, such people can help keep a team motivated with their light-heartedness.

In a professional atmosphere, wit goes a long way in articulating your opinion, provided it is not directed at someone. Just as humor has its highs, a failed attempt at being funny can suddenly strip you of your admirers. Humor can be dangerous, if not practiced subtly. It does wonders when you have reached an impasse. Of course, its application should solely be subject to the listener's mood and body language. It's good to say something witty in a meeting where everyone's tense, but don't come up with a book of jokes and go on till lunch time! You should be known as someone with a sense of humour, not as a comedian.

If humor makes you approachable, does it make sense for a manager to indulge his lighter side? You have to deal with different mindsets in a team, at Dreamfedjob we believe that the ones who are not open to feedback can be dealt with using humor. Applying wit at all times can make you look too casual.

Don't confuse showing your lighter side with being sarcastic. While you try to cheer your colleagues up with a witty remark, dabbling in sarcasm might just turn out to be your undoing. Humor is an elegant way of making life happier. At the cost of being witty you shouldn't hurt someone's value system, particularly in an office environment where you are constantly being judged. Humor can never backfire, being silly can.

Humor comes easily to some people, but there are others who can try too hard to be witty and end up making faux pas that is remembered for time to come, we are sure you can think of a few people at the moment. And, while many believe you either have it, or you don't, some experts say one can always hone the latent talent over time.

Whether it is an employer-employee or a peer-to-peer relationship, good wit should never go unappreciated. It de-stresses us momentarily and speaks volumes for the person who keeps a cool head in a tight situation and passes on the same feeling to those around.

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