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Sample Resume for a Government Senior Manager

The following example illustrates a good resume for a  federal Senior Management position.  Our candidate wants to highlight his experience with ‘Leading Change,‘ ‘Leading People,‘ ‘Results Driven,‘ ‘Business Acumen,‘ and ‘Building Coalitions.‘
John Smith

1616 Any Lane                          Announcement: SES-2010-0003
Anytown, VA 22206                            
555-703-2468 (h)                                          555-692-7154 (w)

  • Highly skilled in leading and executing complex and multi-disciplinary projects at all organizational levels
  • Proven leader and manager of national programs, resources, and staff
  • Over 28 years' experience as a telecommunications and information technology professional

Executive Assistant, GS-15                                                    February 2009 - Current
Agency Headquarters, Washington, DC
Direct oversight of four major programs and nine operational divisions providing information technology services for the agency. Directly coordinate with Regional Directors and Office of the Secretary staff.
Synchronize all efforts to achieve the agency requirement to enable global support of staff operating from a securely managed network with reduced cost of ownership.

  • Created a secure data network which serves as the baseline for a global enterprise data network. This new network increased information security two-fold while providing unfettered access to critical user information.
  • Developed innovative policies for providing secure wireless email at the enterprise level. These policies are now being incorporated by other Federal Government agencies.
  • Integrated best business practices from commercial venders and created an efficient automated process to re-image more than 5,000 computer systems to a common secure baseline.
  • Met weekly with Senior Leaders to assist them in achieving the necessary change management in their organizational processes. Encouraged discussion of differences to generate the best options for implementation.
  • Created the initial templates for global enterprise that can deliver objective levels of service with measurable metrics.
  • Presented the methodology to execute a myriad of policy changes at several forums and conferences.
Senior Program Manager, GS-15                                         May 2005 - January 2009
Agency Headquarters, Washington, DC
Led of a 4,000 person communications organization responsible for providing communications and information management to staff worldwide.
  • Negotiated multi-year funding, coordination, and implementation for fiber optic infrastructure valued in excess of $20 million and supporting 10,000 users.
  • Led the transition from legacy microwave systems to a cutting edge fiber optic network with upgraded technological capabilities that increased the carrying capacity capability 90-fold.
  • Managed requirement analysis and implementation of a $40 million annual contract for communications architecture.
Program Manager, GS-15                                                     August 2002 - April 2005
Agency Headquarters, Atlanta, GA
Responsible for integrating and coordinating information technology requirements and emerging enterprise solutions nationwide. Executed an annual program budget greater than $160 million.
  • Directed server consolidation and change management of an 1800 person organization resulting in a reduction of 3 large email servers and a reduction from 11 support contracts to 3, with a net savings of more than $5 million. 
  • Expanded information assurance and compliance. Reduced non-compliance from nearly 85% to less than 2% across the organization within 5 months.
  • Successfully negotiated for critical funding to provide enterprise technology. This funding enabled the construction of 4 consolidate server locations throughout the country.
  • Successfully integrated 7 incongruous unit level networks into 1 agency-wide network. Led the migration of more than 8,000 email users from legacy exchange service to 1 email system.
Director, Transition Office, GS-15                                         June 2000 - July 2002
Agency Headquarters, Atlanta, GA
Led the new Presidential Administration transition team, from confirmation of the Secretary to the vetting, selection, and submission of all political appointee nominations including those requiring Senate

  • Built and managed the workforce needed to staff the Transition Office. Ensured employees were appropriately appraised and rewarded.
  • Inspired team commitment and motivation resulting in the processing of over 5500 applications for 140 political appointment positions.
  • Established a comprehensive vetting and tracking process that enabled senior selection officials to effectively and fairly interview prospective candidates and make selection recommendations to the President for final approval by the Senate. Completed initial recommendations to the Secretary and President for all primary positions within 4 months of commencing transition activities.
  • Directed the comprehensive preparation activities for the Secretary and Deputy Secretary for their Senate confirmation hearings, including overcoming repeated obstacles in a high pressure environment.

Vice President, Government Sector                                       July 1997 - May 2000
Corporate Headquarters, Bluefield, VA                             Annual salary: $145,000
Responsible for developing a new Government Sector business unit. Established and implemented information technology programs in support of Federal Government contracts.
  • Implemented metrics for defining efficiency, effectiveness and overall success of the business unit.
  • Developed program managers in order to leverage their full range of expertise and capabilities. Encouraged workforce diversity to create atmosphere conducive to high quality service.
  • Ensured programs were awarded subsequent contracts. Exceeded corporate goal for contracts by $10 million.
Special Projects Officer, GS-14                                              August 1995 - June 1997
Agency Headquarters, Roanoke, VA
Provided administrative and protocol support to the Director and Deputy Director of an agency engaged in global research and development of security protocols and emerging technologies. Maintained Top Secret
security clearance.
  • Successfully led an organizational change management initiative to maintain relevancy and core expertise. Collaborated across agencies to build strategic relationships resulting in an increase in customer requests for briefings by agency experts.
EDUCATION:Master of Business Administration, MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, MA
Bachelor of Science - Engineering, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:Leadership for a Democratic Society, Federal Executive Institute, Charlottesville, Virginia

Special Act Award                       1997
Secretary's Award                        2002
Special Service Award                 2005
Special Commendation Award    2009

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